Applied Health Physics is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Radiation Protection and maintains reciprocity agreements with several agencies to assist licensees in the decontamination and decommissioning of equipment and affected areas.

• Decontamination – The AHP staff can assist facilities with the decontamination of equipment, bench-tops and rooms. These efforts will be completed via aggressive or non-aggressive techniques. Release criteria shall be based upon the appropriate regulatory guidance and requirements.

• Decommission – Do you need to reduce regulatory requirements for financial assurance and decommissioning funding plans? AHP professionals have vast experience in the decommissioning of specific usage areas as well as complete license termination. Decommissioning plans are developed as necessary to satisfy regulatory requirements. Our Certified Health Physicist will provide oversight during all aspects of these projects.

Laboratories or areas no longer used for radiological purposes can be released for unrestricted use through properly planned and documented decommissioning plans. Please contact this office to discuss current or future needs.

References are available upon request.

• On site remediation

The decommissioning that follows remediation will normally require a demonstration to the responsible Federal or State agency that the cleanup effort was successful and that the release criterion (a specific regulatory limit) was met. In MARSSIM, this demonstration is given the name “final status survey.”

AHP personnel can assist site personnel or others in performing or assessing such a demonstration.