In 1962 Mr. Robert Gallaghar founded Applied Health Physics, Inc.  Mr. Gallaghar passed away on July 26, 2014.

In January 2014, Todd Mobley became President and owner of Applied Health Physics, LLC. Mr. Mobley began his career in radiation safety as a technician at commercial nuclear power plants.  This experience led to advanced responsibilities to include lead technician, radioactive waste supervisor, assistant project supervisor and eventually project supervisor.

After fifteen years of nuclear power plant experience Mr. Mobley accepted a position with Applied Health Physics, Inc.  The initial years included responsibilities as a technician responsible for instrument calibration, laboratory analysis, training, onsite radiological assessments and facility decommissioning.

Following changes in management Mr. Mobley accepted the position of Radiation Safety Officer for all licensed activities.  Upon the retirement of Mr. Robert Gallaghar the company and licensed activities were purchased by Mr. Mobley.